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Adult Offerings


Beginners start here! If you’re new to hockey or you’ve been to learn to play and are ready to hit the ice, this is the league for you. The format is 5v5 on the small ice so expect plenty of puck time. Each team is equipped with mentors to help and encourage new players and the league comes with coached practice sessions each week in addition to league game play - two teams will play each week and one team will have coached practice. Team jerseys are provided by the captains and the level of play is monitored to ensure folks that should move up to higher leagues will do so.

Need more info? Please reach out to Seth Roland or Erin Wadle.

Adult Hockey League Registration


4v4 C - Register


C2 - Register


C1 - Register


B2 Skaters - Register


B2 Goalies - Register



Before registering for A, B1, or Mixed League, please fill out the informational form to get on a waiting list to be added to a roster.


A - Fill Out Form


B1 - Fill Out Form


Mixed - Fill Out Form



Weekly Game Schedule

A - Monday

B1 - Wednesday and Thursday

B2 - Tuesday and Thursday

C1 - Sunday

C2 - Friday and Saturday

Mixed - Sunday

4v4 C - Wednesday

A League - (Monday Nights) - This is a bring your own team league that is made up of mostly high level, college and club skaters. Its fast paced and very competitive. To get onto an A level team, we would have to work with the captains to find you a spot and to make sure you are a good fit. 

B1 League - (Wednesday and Thursday Nights) - B1 is also a bring your own team league. It is still a high level of play and has a lot of guys that dont want to keep up with the A league anymore. There may be a slightly larger gap in skill level but for the most part it's a very competitive and fast league. 

B2 League  - (Tuesday & Thursday Nights) This is our middle of the road league. There is a much more friendly competition vibe to the league with a larger gap in skill level. There are players that can play in B1 who play down, and there are players who maybe should fit into C1 that are working to get better and play at a faster pace.

C1 League - (Sunday Afternoons) A social league with players not wanting to try to hard and just have a fun time. There is still a good amount of competition. Lots of players can skate well and know how to handle the puck. 

C2 League - (Friday nights & Saturday afternoons)  this is our introduction and developmental league. It is very social and lots of players look to help new people to the sport of hockey improve and get more comfortable on ice skates. 

Mixed League - (Sundays Early Afternoons) - This is a bring your own team league that does not focus on stats or have playoffs. It is open to all levels of play. For the most part higher level players are supposed to pass the puck and make plays for the lower level guys. There are two 25 min run clock periods. You must be invited onto a team. 

4v4 C (Wednesdays) - Played on a smaller rink with slightly different rules. C level is a mix of C1 and C2 and B level is a mix of B1 and B2.


Fall / Winter Leagues

Registration in September. Games October through December (Fall) or March (Winter)

Winter Leagues

Registration in December. Games January through March

Spring Leagues:

Registration in March. Games April through June

Summer Leagues:

Registration in June. Games July through September