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4v4 Leagues

Thursday B League (Winter)

Thursday C League (Winter)

GOALIES please email Mike Spell ( to get on a league list.

League Details

We have Adult Leagues for all levels of Adult Hockey players. Our Leagues start on a quarterly basis: Fall (September), Winter (January), Spring (late March) and Summer (June). Registrations for each season are usually open atleast one month prior. We also send out a Monthly Newsletter, which will announce upcoming program offerings. To sign up for this click here

Our adult games are 50 minutes of wide-open 4 on 4 fast-paced, high-scoring play with very few whistles. Click on level “A”, “B”, “C” or “Mixed” to register! 

4v4 League Rules


Team Structure:

• Each Team will roster a minimum of 10 skaters and 1 goalie. Every player must have a waiver form signed and on file with the Pond Hockey Club. 

• Teams will only be able to use substitute players when they have 7 or less rostered players available for the game.  Using substitute players with more than 7 rostered players will result in a automatic forfeit, if done a second time, the captain will be suspended for 2 games.  Any infraction after that will be subject to further discipline.

• Each team must supply one goalie per game.  The Pond Hockey Club will supply goalie equipment to any Mite (8U) player who wants to play goalie.

• Each youth team is required to have at least 1 coach on the bench to supervise the team.

• Substitutes are not allowed in playoff games, unless the opposing teams captain agrees.  If the captains agree on substitutions, the referee must be made aware of all substitutions.


Game Duration:

• 3 minute warm-up period

• Games will consist of 2 25 minutes running time. There will be a 2 minute break between periods.  Teams will need to be on time and ready to go when the score clock starts. 

Line Changes:

• USA Hockey rules will apply for too many players on the ice.

3 Line Pass:

• Any pass received by a teammate while the teammate is completely across three consecutive lines, or a clearing attempt that results in the puck traveling across 3 lines, will result in a three line pass (goaline not included).

• Upon completion of pass or pass attempt, the whistle shall be blown by the referee and the receiving player must drop the puck immediately and tag-up at the previous line.

  • Officials hand must go up to indicate 3 line pass, with audible "3 line".  Teams can attack when hand goes down, think of this as a hybrid offsides/icing. Players can't 3 line pass to themselves.

  • If the attacking team applies pressure while 3 line pass is indicated, a warning will be issued.  The second warning will result in a penalty shot for delay of game.​

  • If the defending teams goalie plays the puck and all attacking players have cleared the attacking zone, the 3 line pass will be waived off.

  • 3 line pass is defined by where the puck is released (passed), to where the puck is caught, straddling the blue line is not allowed.

Goal Scored:

• ALL players from the scoring team must tag up at the red line immediately and may not re-enter until all players have left the attacking zone.  Any infraction of this rule will result in a delay of game penalty.

Puck Frozen by a Goaltender:

• The offensive team must tag up at the offensive blue line before attacking the opposition.

• Each attacking player must leave the zone and may not re-enter until all players have left the attacking.

• Any player that does not tag up is ineligible to play the puck until the puck leaves the zone or the player leaves the zone.

• Any infraction of this rule will result in a delay of game penalty.

High Stick/Hand Pass:

• Unless a high stick or hand pass leads to an immediate goal, play will continue.

Puck Out of Play:

• If the puck leaves the ice but is kept in the rink by the safety netting, the puck shall be played live. If the puck goes over the boards or into the bench area, last played face-off per USA Hockey will apply.

Minor Penalties:

• There is NO CHECKING in any of the Pond leagues. The Pond Hockey Club Leagues and Tournaments follow USA Hockey rules regarding penalty assessment.

• The player committing the penalty must leave the ice for 1 full shift, except in the Mite division.

• A penalty shot shall be awarded instead of 2 minutes. All players must line up ON the shooter's defending blue line and may not leave until the shooter touches the puck. Before shot, goalie does not have to start in crease but can't go above the hash marks until the shooter touches the puck. The player taking the shot must take the first shot on the goalie and may be caught by any of the opposing team's players. (YOU CANNOT PASS THE PUCK TO A TEAMMATE AND LET THEM TAKE THE SHOT, IF THIS HAPPENS AND THE PLAYER SCORES THE GOAL WILL NOT COUNT). If the player scores then the “Goal Scored” rule applies. If the player does not score, then play shall continue.  Leaving the blue line early on penalty shot will result in a re-shot, if no goal is scored.​

• If a team scores on a delayed penalty then no penalty shot will be given (does not apply to A league).

• If a player receives two (2) roughing penalties (roughing penalties are worth 2 minor penalties), or 3 total penalties, the player will be immediately ejected from the game.  One roughing and one minor penalty will also result in ejection from the game.

• If there is a penalty at the end of the period, the player will take the penalty shot without players chasing him from the blue line. (except in A league)

• Players will get one warning for verbal abuse, any verbal abuse after the warning will result in a ejection.

• When pulling the goalie, the goalie has to be to the bench before the extra attacker can enter the ice; otherwise too many men penalty will be accessed.

• All USA Hockey rules will apply in determining a minor penalty.

Major Penalties:

• Any major/match penalty will result in the immediate ejection and an additional 1 game suspension from the offending player's next league game in that league/division.

  • All USA Hockey rules will apply in determining a major/match penalty.
  • Ejections will be reviewed by the Pond League Director for any further disciplinary action


 Mite (8U) leagues have a 10 goal rule.  The scoreboard will not show a difference of more than 10 goals during all games including playoffs.

  • If there is a whistle under 2 min, with a 2 or less goal differential, the clock will stop (penalty, puck out of play, injury, delay of game).

Coach/Parent Bench Behavior:

• Any disrespect toward the official, obscene language or continued abuse of the staff shall result in a game ejection.

• Ejections will be reviewed by the Pond League Director for any further disciplinary action.

Rescheduling a Game:

• There are NO game changes, rescheduling or make-ups allowed. The schedule is set for the entire season. In case of an unscheduled rink maintenance problem, we will make-up any lost games to fulfill a full schedule for ALL teams.

• All team coordinators will be required to notify the league director within at least 24 hours of the scheduled game if his/her team will not be attending a game. If a TEAM does not show up for a game, the ice will be given to the team that will be there. Team coordinators that fail to follow these rules will be fined $100.00.

Playoff Rules:

• Only rostered players who have paid at least half of the individual player rate are eligible for playoff games.

• No substitutions other than an approved goaltender.

• In event of a tie regarding to seeding for playoffs, the tie breaker will be Goals Against then Goals For.