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Youth Learn To Play

Youth Hockey Academy

November 3rd through December 22nd.

Youth Hockey Academy is geared towards kids that have some experience skating and playing hockey but aren't quite ready to join a recreational hockey league.



Youth Hockey Progression

Learning How To Ice Skate

Learning to ice skate is not easy. It usually takes patience. Wearing "full gear" aka hockey equipment is highly recommended.

Learning How To Play Hockey

Learn-to-Play programs focus on skating skills, but also teach the basic skills of stickhandling, shooting, and passing.

Youth Hockey Academy

For players that are almost ready to join a recreational league.

Austin Metro Hockey League

For players that have learned the basic hockey skills, joining a team in a recreational or "house" league is the next step. Get information on the Austin Metro Hockey League here -->

Texas Jr. Stars Travel Hockey

Get more information here -->

USA Hockey Says Come Play

More than a Game
Hockey develops skills on the ice that build a foundation for a lifetime. In addition to athletic prowess, hockey promotes confidence, pride, focus and responsibility. With an emphasis on fun, hockey is a game to be played and enjoyed for life.

Life-long Friendships
Starting with the bonds created in the locker room to the relationships formed on ice, hockey creates life-long friendships. This camaraderie shared on and off the ice encourages teamwork and the natural development of leadership skills.

Hockey is Fun! (Click Here For More from USA Hockey)